The 2nd IRAN International Public Health Summer School (IPHS2014) was held for 7 days during September 2014, in association with Isfahan University of medical sciences and Center of Excellence on Teaching and Learning Clinical Skills. 95 participants from both Iranian and international origin were present in this program. The course was presented under the theme of “a window to the future of health”. Presentations by esteemed public health professors and engaging team works in a simulated setting were the strengths to this program.

Besides the lectures by the professors, complementary workshops and gamification of team activities were used so that more than half of the 51hour time of the school was attributed to active learning and enhancement of skills. Leadership and systematic thinking, health informatics, health policy and health management were among the discussed topics.

IPHS2014 was comprised of two main educational parts. Main lectures delivered by the professors followed by more detailed mini lectures that were presented by IPHS trainers. Also participants took part in a series of engaging teamwork activities to solve health challenges. IPHSup (Ideas for Public Health Startup) sessions were also held to help the participants develop a startup idea for public health. IPHSup sessions were used to create the future employers and health managers. The whole program of the IPHS2014 was scored on several occasions. The scores were then applied to a treasure grid. The motivation of finding the ultimate treasure gave an extra punch to the program.

Of all the 335 applicants only the top 95 were accepted, based on the assessments of the registration forms. The number of participants is kept limited so that the quality of the program is not affected.

The applications were received from several countries including: Iraq, Netherlands, Australia, Afghanistan, Slovakia, South Africa, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Zambia, Tanzania, Sudan, Kenia, Emirates, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Poland and Egypt. Most of the applicants were from students of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Radiology, genetics, epidemiology and public health, microbiology and midwifery students were also among the applicants.

The main supporters of IPHS 2014 included Iranian Red Crescent population and Isfahan’s municipality. Refah bank central branch in Isfahan, the Isfahan cultural heritage organization and Raha pharmaceutics were also among the sponsors of the program. Shiraz University of medical sciences made considerable help to the post-IPHS tour.

IPHS2014 OC list is HERE